Welcome to my blog!

My name is Donna. I love to read and love to write and decided to combine those two passions and write about what I read. I like most genres. (Check out my review policy)  I love to find new authors. There are some amazing authors out there when you look for them. I really enjoy writing, but I do it mostly for myself. Maybe someday I’ll surprise ya’ll and write my own book!! Whether I’m reading or writing I always have my beloved Bichon, Teddy, by my side.

This blog is about all the amazing  books I suck down. It is about the authors who have written them. Oh those wonderful, talented, imaginative authors!!! Some are brand new, self-published, indie, mainstream, best-selling…and among them are some truly hidden gems that are just waiting to shine, and I for one, want to find them!!!!!

– Sometimes I get books for review from publishers, authors or professional conferences. I’m NOT paid to review these at all! I will only give my honest opinion regarding everything I put on this blog, including reviews of books I have received for free.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Book bloggers do a fantastic job in supporting and promoting authors, especially Donna, here, at Book Dragon Girl. I submitted my book, Zenka, to her and the whole process from submission to review was a lovely experience.

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