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Book Release: Lion (Faeries of OZ)

Title: Lion (Faeries of OZ)

Series: Faeries of OZ

Authors: Candace Robinson & Amber R Duell

Langwidere has an obsessive habit—collecting heads. She wears a new one each day, changing them out like she does her ivory dresses. But Landwidere doesn’t have the one thing she truly wants: complete power over the territories in Oz. When Lion—the once cowardly fae—shows up at her doorstep, he offers her an opportunity to achieve her desires. Will he use the courage the Wizard gave him to help her succeed, or will he betray her in the process?

This is a short story prequel to the Faeries of Oz trilogy.

Purchase com/dp/B08FT5SSJW/

My Review:

This is a short little prequel to help you understand Lion & Landwidere before reading the first book in the series. It’s basically a dark romance horror story. It is important in order to understand these characters and their role in Tin. It’s pretty freaky and very descriptive. The authors did a great job at setting up their motives and their relationship with each other, and also their feelings toward Dorothy. It is short, but flows perfectly into Tin. This is already an amazing series and I’ve only read Lion & Tin!! I’m dying for more!!!!

What do you think?

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