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Release & Review: Hart of Darkness by S.B. Alexander




The road to love is paved in the dark.

Former gang member Dillon Hart abandoned the streets to join the US Merchant Marines. He feels his life is finally on track until he returns home to discover that his sixteen-year-old sister is missing. With his younger brother in jail and his older brother living a life of crime, it’s up to Dillon to find Grace. After four years of searching, a phone call from a morgue gives him a lead that he can’t pass up. Enlisting the help of a cutthroat reporter may be his only hope.

Crime reporter Maggie Marx has just the right mix of grit and sex appeal to get anything she wants, even the darkest stories on the street. Growing up in a gang, she had her fair share of setbacks and obstacles. When Dillon Hart seeks her help, she’s more than ready to take down the street’s biggest enemy. Her actions could help her exact revenge or land her in the belly of the beast.

As Dillon and Maggie team up to search for Dillon’s sister, they aren’t prepared to find what lies ahead. One family is torn apart. Another is brought together. Hearts are shredded, secrets are uncovered, and love takes on a whole new meaning.


This book has everything. Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Adventure and Action. I’m sure i am missing something more, but it was definitely a romantic, steamy, suspenseful, keep you on the edge of your seat, book.

Dillon Hart…yummy! What a beautiful man! He has a heart of Gold, but when it comes to sex he becomes a tiger, and if anyone touches his family…especially his woman he becomes a dragon!!! He’s gorgeous, caring, sensual, sexy as heck, and he’s strong, powerful and knows how to fight. I mean what more could you ask for?!!!

Maggie Marx, reporter, sexy and strong. I really like Maggie. I wasn’t sure i would in the beginning. I get tired of these strong women characters who are so strong that they feel they don’t need a man, and they don’t. But that wasn’t Maggie, she is strong from her history. But she’s not as strong and independent as she thinks she is. We get to see her vulnerability. I love that.

All the characters in this book were written so well. Learning about Dillon’s family life, growing up, the things he, his two brothers and his sister went through. The family is disjointed and Dillon wants so much to find his sister, Grace, not knowing what has happened to her after all these years. Denim is in prison for a murder he did not commit, and Duke is involved is criminal activities. I am really looking forward to their stories!! But i have a hard time imagining falling in love with Denim & Duke the way i did with Dillon!!




I’m Susan Alexander, and you’ll find my books under S.B. Alexander. A little about me. I’ve been writing since 2012 and started with writing all about vampires. After the second vampire book, I began to branch out in New Adult Romance. I love to read mostly all genres, and I’m always game to try something new. So I tested my hand at writing romantic suspense and just loved it. So you’ll find I write in several different sub-genres of romance.

In between writing, I spend time with my soul mate of 20 years who got a bad deal in life. Three years ago he was diagnosed with ALS. It’s a horrible disease, but we both have been making the best of life, laughing, smiling, and doing what we can together.

But writing is a great outlet for me to take my mind to another place. Plus, I have a great network of family, friends, fans, and so much more. I truly have an angel on my shoulder. My mantra is make the best of life because it’s too darn short.