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Review: Fractalistic by Gerardo Delgadillo

Title: Fractalistic
Author: Gerardo Delgadillo
Publication Date: July 9, 2019


Goodreads Summary:

After moving to Mexico with her parents, Winter Gutan had been hoping the local alternative medicine doctor would cure her mother’s illness. When her mother does not survive his controversial treatments, Winter’s life spirals in despair. Her father, a software engineer, insists his computer program, Fractalistic, will enable them to communicate with her mother’s spirit. But as his sanity begins to slip, Winter confides in her friend Rafa, a computer wizard, who tells her he’s found information about using fractal technology to treat false memories—nothing paranormal about it, leaving Winter confused and without hope. Will she lose her mother forever?

Suspecting her dad is hiding a deep secret, Winter runs Fractalistic behind his back, unveiling a sea of computer-generated imagery swirling on the screen. Her mother appears to her…begging for help! But is this all just Winter’s imagination?

Fractalistic may enable Winter to communicate with her deceased mother, but it might also unleash more mysterious memories buried within Winter’s mind. To figure it all out, Winter must hack into her father’s system to uncover a horrifying truth…or remain in the dark forever.

My Review:

I loved this book! I loved everything about it!! The MC, Winter, is such a well developed character. I found myself so wrapped up in everything she was feeling, and going through. And Winter was dealing with an awful lot for a young girl. Then she met Rafa, who she was attracted to. I loved Rafa, i think everyone will love Rafa!! She also made friends with a girl from school named Julia. Winter really likes Julia, but then at times she’s not so sure she trusts her, or her mother.

I loved the whole concept of the fractals, it intrigued me throughout the story. Delgadillo was masterful the way he weaved together a story that dealt with so many issues, and brought in the fractals and a bit of mystery and even a little freakiness where Winter isn’t sure who to trust and weird things happen that freak her out. It just kept the plot moving at a nice steady pace, where you didn’t want to put the book down.

The beautifully, well-written characters had such a strong impact on the story, all of them. From the very strange to the very endearing, they all had a profound affect on me as i read the story. And the end will stay with me forever!! This is definitely a book i will read more than once, and i will be buying a copy for my library.

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