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My Review: MY HEART TO GIVE by S.B. Alexander

My Heart to Give (A Maxwell Family Saga Book 3)

by S.B. Alexander


8B992B08-8948-437F-A56D-CACDA112ABF4Girls fall in love with what they hear.


I’m head over heels in love with Maiken Maxwell. Everything about him is so perfect from his sandy-blond hair to his kissable lips. Not to mention, he writes me poems. My stomach is constantly filled with butterflies from his sweet words to how special and pretty he makes me feel. Until one girl, one funeral, and one disastrous moment shatters everything.


My life has been a series of the good, the bad, and the ugly. My junior year is starting off with a bang. My brother Marcus, now a freshman in high school, is out of control, fighting and mouthing off to teachers. I shouldn’t care so much. After all, he’s a teenager who is trying to find his way, trying to fit in. But I do care. I’m his big brother. But when a new girl waltzes into our lives, the three things that matter the most to me, family, Quinn Thompson, and basketball, slowly become a distant memory.

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As we are getting to know not only Quinn Thompson and Maiken Maxwell, we are also getting to know more and more of Maiken’s family. Not just their personality, but what they are dealing with at such a young age and how they’re dealing with it. Which each one is very different.

They came to Massachusetts to stay with their Uncle, Aunt and cousins because of their father’s death. Since then they’ve been dealing with the grief of losing a father, a home, and friends back from their old school. They were dealing pretty well until their mother’s sister, their Aunt, got sick and she had to leave. The family became divided, although Kade took them in and treated them well. He took an interest in what they did, helped where he could. But when one of the boys started acting out, drinking and acting reckless, then things got difficult. Maiken took on the stress of being the oldest and feeling responsible to keep everyone under control, and he started to worry that Kade would make them leave.

I don’t want to say too much, and ruin the story for you! But I will say that this is the most ansgty, stressful book out of the series so far. You DON’T want to miss it!!! If you haven’t started the series so far, I highly recommend it!!! It’s a YA Contemporary Romance and there’s ALWAYS something going on!!! You will love it!!!