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Review: RESISTANCE (Chicago Defiance MC) by K.E. Osborn

3949C0AB-7B30-4B64-B185-1F91083C7E2BI was so thrilled to read this new MC Romance, and even more thrilled to find out it was the beginning of a new series!! So I started reading with my fingers crossed that it would be a really good one!!

OMG!!! Where do I start? And how do I explain to you why this is an outstanding MC Romance?! And ESPECIALLY how do I do this without gushing out a bunch of oh I love it, I love it, I love it!! Which I do!!

Anyway, let me see…where to start. Well, how about this! There is both the Chicago Defiance MC and The Italian Mafia In this book!! Cool, huh? And let’s say, they are NOT friends. Also, I really like the way K C Osborn handled the MC brotherhood, the clubhouse, the club girls and the whole family atmosphere. She really introduces us to the different members, and we learn a little about each one. And I felt as though I really cared about the Chicago Defiance MC by the end of the book, I look forward to reading more about them.

Torque is the MC President. I love Torque. He is one very sexy, bad boy, biker! He has had a sad past. But he meets Heeley in her parent’s Froyo store, where she is working part time. Torque is attracted to Heeley right away, but it takes some work for him to win Heeley over. Not that she isn’t attracted. She is busy with going to college, working hard to become a doctor. Plus she works part time in her parent’s Froyo store. So she feels she has no time for a relationship. He’s very persistent and very sweet. Of course, we know he wears her down or this wouldn’t be a romance.

There’s lots of action between the Italian Mafia and the Chicago Defiance MC. It gets pretty intense. It’s a real battle.

So this book really has it all, for an MC Romance!! I am SO EXCITED for the next book in the Chicago Defiance MC Series!!!








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