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Author2Author Q&A: Candace Robinson

Love this interview with my friend Candace Robinson, Co-Author of Bacon Pie!! ❤️🥓🥧

Gerardo Writes

I had the privilege of sitting with the talented Candace Robinson, author of countless novels, for a Q&A session about Bacon Pie, a quirky YA contemporary book we co-authored.

She welcomed me wearing her BACON PIE mask:


The session started

How does it feel to have an amazing writing partner?

It means I get to nap for half the book, and I get to have a helper along the way. Sort of like how Santa has little magical helpers.

While working on Bacon Pie, how did you communicate with this amazing writing partner?

Well, through FB messenger and then through comments in our chapter rotations that we would send back and forth to each other after completing a chapter.

How many times you battled over story ideas?

I’m not recalling any battles. That’s probably because I can win at anything! Lol!

Sadly, I can confirm I lost all…

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