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Should YA Books Have Parental Ratings?



Here lately I’ve come across a few YA books that contained some content I thought might be inappropriate for young readers. With an eleven year old advanced reader, I’m reading more YA to be sure that the books are appropriate beforehand. YA can be directed at ages twelve on up to twenty-five which we all know is a broad range. Many of these books don’t come with an age rating at all and online research is needed, or the book must be screened beforehand.

Our library has become so strict with what children are able to check out. If they attempt to checkout an R-rated movie and they are under the age of eighteen, the computer will alert the library clerk and the movie will be put back on the shelf. However, they can check out any book they want. If a teen wants to buy a mature video game…

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    1. Thanks for your comment Book Twins! I agree that YA is used as a very broad category. I have seen some mark their books as Mature Young Adult, which helps some. But this is definitely a subject that a lot of people are very concerned about.

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