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Princess Allee (A Furever Home Friends Story) by Savy Leiser


Princess Allee starts out in the Forward saying, “A forever home is exactly what it sounds like: a home you can live in forever, with a family that will always love you unconditionally. Unfortunately, many dogs struggle to find their forever homes…As these dogs roam from place to place, they all have one wish: to find a family that will love them forever.”

What a wonderful beginning to this story. It starts out where Allee is dreaming of finding her forever home. She’s convinced that she is a princess and her forever home will be castle and she will have a crown and thrown. It’s such a cute story, and the illustrations make it that much more charming.

At the end of the story there are the questions for discussion with Parents, kids, dogs, etc. I love this aspect of these Furever Home Friends books. I think the question are well written and the story written well, so that parent and child could have a really open and heartfelt discussion. This book asked questions like, do you remember a time when things didn’t meet your expectations? How did you make the best of the situation? What are some difficulties siblings can face when trying to get along? How can they resolve them? And more! Just brilliant questions for discussions with your children. They will love talking about Allee so much, it will open them right up!!

Savy Leiser is quite exceptional at putting these books together, and I think that they are fabulously done!!! I would highly recommend the Forever Home Friends Stories. I have a few children in mind that I’m planning on buying them for.



*I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book, which I’m giving my honest review on*


4 thoughts on “Princess Allee (A Furever Home Friends Story) by Savy Leiser

  1. This sounds like a cute read and the artwork sounds well done too! I like the idea of this series about dogs finding their forever home. That’s neat there are some questions at the back of the book, I remember a MG book once that had some discussion questions at the back and it seems like a fun way to have kids think a bit more about the book and discuss things. It also seems like a great way to teach kids a bit more about animals.

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    1. That’s how I feel! I was thinking of going to my local library and telling them about them. They have a dog that comes in twice a month to read with the kids. Actually the kids read to him. I think these books would be fantastic for that!! They do it as a group with a librarian overseeing it, so she could lead the discussion with the questions in the back!!

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